How We Trained Our Cats

How did you train your cats? How are they so calm? These are the two most frequently asked questions, so we’re going to answer them in this blog post. So, we had our cats for quite sometime now. We rescued them when they were kittens. Since then, we have not missed a day without constantly taking photos and videos of them. We always tried to capture their best moments. At first, they did not prefer the camera. I remember when Chase would look at that camera and run from it. Now, he doesn’t even notice when it’s there. I guess you can say they have become so use to being filmed that it no longer fazes them. Aside from being so use to the camera, Chase, Millie, and Skye love to get treats! They constantly receive treats before, during, and after filming! They have associated the camera with treats, so as long as they are being filmed, they know they’re going to get rewarded.

Some of the skills that I have found useful while training our cats, is having a lot of patience and being calm. These are the two most important factors that have helped us train our cats. When we are patient and calm with them, they tend to listen more! It’s like training a dog how to sit, right? It takes a calm tone in your voice and a lot of patience to train them, but eventually they will get it! Cats tend to like consistency. If you go weeks or months without training your cats, they will lose interest in the activity. For example, if you go months or years without cutting your cat’s nails, then they may give you a harder time when you decide to cut them again. I recommend training your kitty from the moment you have them! We have trained our cats since they were kittens and this has helped them adjust to the non-preferred activities, such as taking a bath, going on a car ride, or even getting their nails trimmed. They have been doing all of these things since they were kittens. This has helped them become well adjusted to some of their norms. Is it possible to train your cat? Totally. It won’t be easy, but it will definitely be worth it! We hope that this blog was able to answer your questions. Talk soon =)


  • I just love your channel.please give my love to skye,chase and Millie

  • Could you be more specific on training techniques for a cat especially when they advancing from being a kitten to an adult cat

  • I love my cats but they definitely aren’t as cuddly as chase! Did you train him for that or is he just that sweet?? Xx

  • Love your stories! Recently lost my husband to cancer and have been so depressed. Found your site with the cats, and it has helped me so much to get back into living. Thanks for sharing!

  • Can only kittens be trained? I have two rescue adult cats and I’d like to be able to cut their nails peacefully. I used treats but it’s really difficult. Can adult cats be trained to tolerate nail-cutting and bathing?


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